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Becoming a household name...
Founded in 1979, Brite-Maid-Services became a household name in the Washington DC-Metro Area. Brite-Maid-Services (BMS) became the only Single-Maid team concept in the Washington DC area with a corporate structure. After extensive research, numerous survey's, and plenty of constructive criticism, we realized that two maid teams do no pay the necessary detail that is needed to clean your home.

Further more, it is seen as a rush job and not a detailed cleaning of your home. We take every criticism (constructive or not), seriously; this is why we use the Single Maid concept team. It allows us to control who cleans the homes and how well they have performed. This also allows you to be familiar with the maid that is performing the service. The best part is you get to know who is in your home time and time again, while we rotate our maids, the faces remain the same. Our award-winning service gives you satisfaction, peace of mind, and we get it right, the first time.

What We Deliver

"Our Work is our Best Reference" At the Commitment to Quality & Enhanced Performance Services, we guarantee all of work. If you are not satisfied with your work, notify us within 24 hours and we will fix it. (Certain restrictions apply.) You can change your service up to the day of service without penalty. In fact, you can call us any time of the day and know that we will acknowledge your needs and rest assure, it will be taken care of.

Safety is also our priority. Each maid wears a badge with their picture and name so you know who is in your home. We carefully screen all our staff, run a rigorous background check, bond, insure, and train each staff member in the field of hospitality management. We take our commitment seriously, and so does each staff we select and have working for us.

The Team From the grassroots of our family to the fleet supervisors, you can trust and know that we are a family, 30+ years growing strong. Generations of families have worked for us and continue to return always to continue building upon our strength as a company, which is family. Even you, our customers are part of our family and watch us grow from every stand point you can imagine.

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